Why . . . RAW?

This section of our site was the last to take form.  But there were hints and shimmers, beckoning me – URGING ME – to embrace a new aspect.  Of Me.  Of My Life.  Of the spiritual realm of LIGHT.


RAW refers to this:


I’m not speaking of food here.  Although, in a metaphoric way, it could well be thought of as THE FOOD FOR OUR SOUL.

You see, what nourishes us – TRULY FEEDS US – is LIGHT.   Not food, not vitamins, not any of the things we so often think of or see or believe to be nutrition.  They can “feed” us, yes.  They can sustain us, true.  But what TRULY feeds us is something . . . else.  Something wholly different.  The subject of food is a whole other story for “RAW” ;- ), so we’ll save that for another time.


Today’s Message is simply this:

LIVING AS WHO WE TRULY ARE – our full light – our whole being – requires of us only two things.  First, that we BE LOVE – which means find and choose and live THE LIGHT in every moment that presents itself to us.  That Moment is a sacred honor to be met with your TRUEST, DEEPEST, and HIGHEST SELF.

And second, that we be TRUE. Being TRUE is what “RAW” refers to here on our site – it means the whole, pure, unvarnished Truths Of Light as they reflect into, and through, your life.  Discovering them, opening to them, embracing them, and then living them with unabashed power and joy – unapologetically.


It is this second part which “RAW” is designed to ILLUMINATE.

What exactly is BEING true?

It’s rather a rare thing in our world, truth :- ) be told.

Being true means you move to the rhythm of the highest spiritual wisdoms within you, which you cultivate with presence and intention in every moment.  In this way, going to the market for food is just as spiritual a task as meditating for hours to discern the depths of life’s mysteries and meanings and purpose.  Both acts become – and are lived – as the same thing.

But RAW refers to something more.  Something . . . more rare still.


As an example, think about the image above, the one that introduces “RAW” (and no, it won’t be on every page, lol – thankfully!).  That is A RAW IMAGE – truly me.  By that I mean, first, yes, the photo of me is untouched for the part that holds me.  The part around it was whimsically chosen to create a background that was not quite as chaotic as the original shot – and to put the focus on the person – the image – as it was taken.

Now, think about this.  That picture was taken when I was “sick” – not feeling well at all and when my body was powerfully transforming through a new vibration of LIGHT.  Think migraine and barf fest earlier that day.  Second, it was taken in the wee hours of the morning, when I had been on the computer working for hours, called by spirit and my soul to work on a creation – despite the earlier events of that day.  I had been up nearly 48 hours then.  And I had no intention of taking a picture.  I don’t do that – ever.  I was writing something long and deep, a wisdom coming from spirit – and mid-sentence, I heard – take a picture with your computer.  I had no idea how to do that, so instructions were also forthcoming.  AT the time, I didn’t even know if it had worked.  I didn’t actually KNOW I had a camera in my computer until that very moment.  I was not intending to take a picture – there is not another thing that could have been further from my mind in that moment.  Quite frankly, I was shocked!  Shocked that the message came to do it, shocked that THIS was the way to take a picture, my first in a very long time.  Shocked that there was to be no preparation of lighting – or me – in any way.

My hair was not combed, I had not even washed my face that day, and there was no makeup in sight.

This is a picture of me – RAW.




Oh yes, let’s DO ask that question!!!

Who on earth puts a photograph of themselves on their website which they didn’t want to have taken and which was never intended to be seen by anyone?  Who puts a photo of themselves, taken in the ordinary course of a very long and challenging day, out there for the whole world to see?  This is a person who has not had hardly  a single photo taken of her in over a decade and who does not use a cell phone with a camera and who fully has never participated in the selfie craze.

So – WHY????

Because – it is who I am.  On that day, in that moment, this is who I am.  A 56 year old woman who sometimes in the past decade has looked nearly 80 and sometimes her body felt even older.  A person who presents to the world every day HER AUTHENTIC SELF as truly – and purely – as she can.  Both inside – and out.

In spiritual circles, this is spoken of quite a bit, presenting the INNER YOU to the outer world.  WE all try.  We all hope to do it.

But what isn’t quite as often spoken of is this:  what about THE OUTER PERSON we are presenting????

If we are dying our hair, wearing makeup, styling our PRESENCE for purposes that have nothing whatsoever to do with the truest, most natural expression of who we are – and everything to do with mental notions of beauty or fitness or even health and wellness – are we being TRUE?


It’s rare today to hear a voice – or see a person or an image – which is not CRAFTED.  And I don’t just mean the ridiculous photoshop tactics of nearly every publication on this planet.  How can we trust what we are hearing or being told . . . if it is always being “CLOAKED” in some outer garment designed to make us find it more appealing, more beautiful, more worth our time.

If you are dying your hair, why is that?  Is your TRUE RAW HAIRCOLOR somehow not good enough?  Not worthy of your acceptance, yes, but even more honestly – YOUR LOVE?  Is it so that you LOOK YOUNG or YOUNGER?  Is it so that you STAND OUT or will be noticed?

Here’s the thing . . . if you are crafting your physical self – you are presenting A PERSONA.  You are crafting an image for all those who see you, know you, interact with you.  AND –  you are crafting it for yourself.  But when we do that – when we allow something beyond our AUTHENTIC SELVES to be on display, we and everyone else around us enters into relationship with IT – with THE IMAGE – with THE PERSONA – with what we have crafted.  NOT WITH THE TRUE YOU.

While pursuing a very simple life, and hoping to live as the highest light I could, to love those I was here to love with the best of me . . . some very unusual and powerful truths were unveiled.  They’re not easy to hold.  They don’t just make you feel all warm and fuzzy as you dive in.  What they DO actually do though is this . . . make you WONDER.  Wonder about your self, your alignment with your truest, highest, wisest inner being – and wonder about HOW TRUE you really are living your life.

And just to be clear, well . . . we likely never get there.  I say this because as we all expand and consciously choose to live AS WHO WE TRULY ARE, as we embrace the daily acts of BEING TRUE – we ourselves expand.  WE change and transform – and this creates ever-expanding higher spirals of TRUTHS for us to discover.  We’re never done.  LOVE and LIGHT always expand.  And as we live our lives without fear, we find something fascinating about THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT – they ever reveal themselves to be constantly moving us into new states of being.  Each one capable of igniting ever-higher bliss in our lives.


Is that worth it to you – BLISS?  To give up all your fears.  And to live as THE TRUE YOU?

I can say without a doubt that, for me, it is.  It is the most freeing, most powerful, most awe-inspiring path I have ever taken.

“RAW” is the place where . . . we explore what it might TRULY mean . . . TO BE TRUE and to live your MOST SACRED LIFE.  The one that holds the PUREST, TRUEST LIGHT of you.

We go far beyond haircolor and makeup and clothes here.  What if I told you that TRUE HEALTH and WELLNESS springs only from your LIGHT – your frequency and vibration at the core of your being.  And your physical body does not need workouts or physical exercise or certain foods – to be well or healthy.  What if I told you that . . . everything we have been doing as physical beings in the name of health and wellness – is, for many, really about APPEARANCES.  And about FEAR.  And what if I told you that in the frequencies of life here now, none of that is true any longer – and continuing to follow those truths creates the exact opposite of what we think the outcomes will be.

Yes, THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT are blazing into a whole new realm now.

And they’re here.  We’ll explore them all, in depth, in ways that are creative and magical.  And never judgmental.  How, you may ask, do we do that – dissolve all the very parameters that hold our world, the truths and beliefs we all have lived by – and do it without using judgment?


The Truths of Light are yours to explore.  We have discovered them and lived them.  All we intend to do here is SHARE them.  What you do with them will determine your own DESTINY, as I have chosen mine.  WE all live according to our own truths.  The question, though is this:  WHERE are those truths coming from?  Your Mind?  Or Your Heart?  Or even YOUR ESSENCE, the place deep inside you where all the wisdom of the universe resides – and lives – without fear.

WE invite you to discover and explore a new perspective of what it means . . . TO BE TRUE.

This changes everything.

If you let it.