True Magic

There is an amazing thing about Living As Who We  TRULY  Are.

We create, in the process, OUR TRUEST LIFE.

And that life is at once Enchanting and Magical.

Not to mention POWERFUL.



Because it astounds us.  Because it moves us beyond the normal patterns, hopes and dreams, which our supremely human self can hold.  In a word . . . our life, like a caterpillar, is  TRANSFORMED.  All because WE become the truest version of our selves.


How does this happen?

Simple.  Not exactly SIMPLE to do, to call forth, to complete – but SIMPLE in its steps.


By Being True.

As we embrace that in deeper and more compelling ways, NEW TRUTHS of LIGHT – and OF OUR BEING – unfold and reveal themselves TO US.  WITHIN US.

And each new moment where we live and breathe as our TO-THAT-POINT TRUEST SELF, we reflect A NEW HIGHER LIGHT out into the world.  OUR SOUL and OUR ESSENCE frees itself and soars.  And with it – our lives change.

As our INNER LIGHT becomes THE CLEAR REFLECTION we see all around us, in all aspects of who we are, what we do, and how we live . . . OUR LIFE ITSELF CHANGES.  And not just in the ‘expected’ ways.  In some truly unusual ones, too.

For example, all the rules of right and wrong, good and bad, desirable and not so desirable – all will morph.  Right before your very eyes.  And within you as well.  RULES become a very cosmic, very ethereal thing.  As your vibration changes, so do the rules.  As your frequency changes, so does your life.  AS YOU REFLECT MORE OF YOUR TRUE INNER LIGHT OUTWARDS . . . THE TRUTHS OF LIFE, of LIVING, of WHO YOU ARE . . . all transform.

It’s a heady transformation.  A Metamorphosis that will, eventually, leave no stone unturned.  No part of your life UNTOUCHED.

It can be a slow transition, but just like putting your toe in at the shore . . . eventually you will be pulled and compelled to truly DIVE IN and let go of your footing.  Or to be stuck forever gazing in awe and wonder  –  at something you can never truly fully touch nor comprehend, much less experience in all its breathless glory – unless and until you do LET GO.  Of who you think you are.  Of what has gotten you to this point.  Of the truths you believe you know beyond all else.

There’s magic before you.  THE UNKNOWN is scary only when we think something beyond LIGHT could ever touch us.  The Great Mystery of the unseen, unknown, spiritual realms of light are, in a word, the place where all the magic truly happens.  And you can go there, live there, be a part of it. You just have to be willing to step into THE UNKNOWN.  And allow THE MAGIC to carry you to some stunningly powerful and amazingly transformative truths of light.

Celesti*Ava is all about Light, Spirit – and – LOVING WITHOUT A DROP OF FEAR.  About being the TRUEST TRUE.

Come see what we mean.

And watch your own life grow more beautiful,

More powerful . . . and more TRUE . . . in the process.