The Opening

This is our invitation, and welcome, to you . . . as you begin a magical journey through the MAGIC AWAITS/MAGIC IS AWAKENING (MIA) class. A space, and journey, which holds new wisdoms, soul*ful surprises – and extraordinary transformations.

A special blend of LIGHT, LOVE, and MAGIC has swirled together to create a potent and profound journey.  One that is designed to awaken within you, not only THE VERY POWERFUL GIFTS you are here to live and give to the world . . . but THE COURAGE and THE JOY to live them in every breath you take.

Your Life is about to change –
And with it, all that you know and feel to be true, will expand.

Are you ready?  WE begin whenever you say YES!  And remember – the invisible realms are just as real, and truly often much more powerful, than what you see with your eyes.  THE GIFTS we are about to call forth all live deep inside of you.  And they create, once released, your MOST MAGICAL and MOST TRUE life!  One that leads to ever-greater creations . . . of pure bliss.


Magic Is Awakening

The Opening



You can begin our internet “class” at any time.

You can go at your own pace, participate when and how fits your schedule,

And go as deep in the class as you choose.

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