The Heart Knows

There is this deep, compelling push in our world for PROOF.  Proof from science or law or any other modality . . . to give foundation to that which we then can believe, or trust, or know – TO BE TRUE.

And yet, in truth, since time began . . . it has not been SCIENCE, nor even the MIND, which has held or envisioned the greatest of truths.  Discoveries which, throughout time, even if or when scientifically based . . . could only come forth through the INSPIRED ember of a flame from deep inside a person.

It is in this space, where TRUE WISDOM is born, that we live.  A logical, illustrious intellectual mind is a wondrous thing.  HOWEVER . . . it is not, and never will nor can be, the HIGHEST source of KNOWING.  Our intellectual capacity only truly begins to hit its stride when we, ourselves, open our hearts and allow the senses of our full being to guide our days, our thoughts and our lives.

The Mind reaches its highest capacity when it becomes the willing assistant, the servant of and to, a higher intelligence.  The one that lives inside of you, yet beyond the reaches of the MIND.  At least at first.  In time, your mind will grow comfortable in that boundless space where ALL CAN BE KNOWN without being seen or learned.  It can grow strong in its ability to trust, as well as to decipher, the often hidden and unseen messages which used to pass below the veil of its own creation.

But, in the end, whether your mind joins you in this wondrous discovery at the beginning, the end, or somewhere in between . . . this is A JOURNEY OF THE HEART.  Led by The Soul and Essence of your Being which holds – in sacred trust –  all that you need to know, all that you wish to become, all that you are here to create and do and be.


IT is a powerful thing.  Live there. 

I do.  And life has never been the same.