The Fountain Of Youth

Given everything you see in our modern world, you would think we were all about YOUTH!  Perhaps . . . we think we are.  But as much as we are given unreal and untrue images of beauty, as much as we are dictated to, to admire bodies that have been sculpted to be something wholly unnatural to a body without a lot of physical training or dieting . . . it isn’t the path that will take us where we think it is heading.

It is relatively UNNATURAL to not age.  To look the same – in body or face – at 50 as one did at 20.  IT is even more UNNATURAL to cultivate, worship and enforce such regimens of fitness, cosmetology and diet to try to SCULPT a physique we admire or even that we feel good in.  EVEN the pursuit of such things in the name of health and wellness – for ourselves or for our children – is beyond the scope of any wisdom TRULY COMING FROM WITHIN THE SOUL.

How do I know? 

How could I possibly say that and believe it to be true?

It’s simple, really.  As shocking as it may sound to you – or even as it might have seemed to me, at first, too – our bodies are not machines.  Nor are they here to look – or feel – or even to perform . . . the way we want.  And certainly for us TO DRIVE THEM TO DO SO – from a hidden addiction we have to physical imagery or bodyconscious styling or even avant garde HEALTH AXIOMS . . . it’s just not . . . well, TRUE.


What it is . . . is an adopted belief, fashioned from popular culture – and the structure of science – which WHOLLY DOES NOT spring forth from any space even distantly related to . . . YOUR HIGHEST and TRUEST WISDOM creating harmony and health and perfection within your very own form, right now, today – this very moment.

So why does it matter?  Is it really such a bad thing?  I mean, we all strive for health and strong bodies and to care for ourselves in such a way as to live life here – and doing so in such a way as to be Beings capable of doing and living as we hope or wish or choose.  Right?

Well.  Actually.  NO.

Flower Thrive 2

TRUE HEALTH comes NOT from what you eat nor even from your fitness regimen.  Ask the family of any jogger who has dropped dead while running, any cyclist whose QUANTUM PHYSIQUE and ENDURANCE mysteriously leaves him in the dust when his body fails in some strange event no one can explain.  As if it just – gave out – with no physical or scientific rationale to soothe our worried minds.

OUR BODIES are here as one thing – and one thing only.  A VESSEL of LIGHT.  A CONTAINER, yes – but a far more sacred one than you may have ever imagined.  A TRULY SACRED EXTENSION OF OUR OWN SOUL or ESSENCE or HIGHEST BEINGNESS.

In this regard, your body truly does serve one – and only one – primary purpose.  TO BE THE VESSEL FOR THE LIGHT – the ENERGY – the INVISIBLE MATERIAL THAT REPRESENTS YOUR DEEPEST AND TRUEST ENTITY.  YOUR ESSENCE OF BEING.  In that capacity – it takes its orders from a higher knowing and wisdom than the one that circles around in your mind.  You know the one – the one that gets its INSTRUCTIONS or takes its WISDOM from something outside of itself – an expert, a cultural notion, even what you believe in your most mind-centered part of yourself.

Not understanding this one simple TRUTH about our bodies, we create A STORM – unintentionally yet undeniably powerfully – within our sacred container.  WE SEND INCREDIBLY MIXED SIGNALS when we allow our mind – and rational thinking – and linear objectivity of our bodies . . . to have such access and impact to the sacred functioning of our forms.  We create interference and disharmony of the deepest kind.  We can even create TEARS or RIPS in the very fabric of our being – literally!


Dance Of The Soul

What to do?

Well, while you likely may find it hard to believe a word I have just said :- ), and I understand that wholly.  For it was indeed a complete SHOCK TO ME after living 40 + years on this planet, in a form just like yours, – to find out that, in fact, all I had believed to be true – WAS SIMPLY NOT!  IF you look around you, you can discern EXACTLY why no new truth on this front has come front (forgive the pun, I could not help myself) and center to be revealed.  The majority of us are sheep.  WE don’t think for ourselves, we don’t actually discern or listen – or surely follow – the guidances and inner wisdoms our bodies continually send forth.  We override – we ignore – we discard.  We employ all sorts of techniques and gimmicks – and even pure force – to require our form to do WHAT WE WISH – TO ENFORCE OUR WILL above and beyond its own sacred and wisest inner knowings.

This backfires.  If it hasn’t yet – for you – in your body – keep waiting.  It will.  MORE LIKELY, it already has – you just thought it was a freak injury, a nagging pain or a weird illness you just can’t seem to shake that recurs in your life over and over again – allergies anyone?  Back pain for example?

But I know you’re not going to listen to me :- ) and that’s to be expected.

Yet I do know something that JUST MIGHT get your attention.  EVEN from within your beliefs as they exist today – even if you are happily in the very center of the herd, completely surrounded by and inundated with – sheeples.  And – to be fair – sheep are much more wise than we.  They would NEVER interfere with a wisdom or knowing of their own sacred form.  I think they may just take offense at calling a human any form of a word that ties in to sheep.  I’ll check with them on that and get back to you, lol!

But seriously.  REALLY SERIOUSLY.  Do you know what TRULY makes you healthy?  Even more surprisingly, makes YOU BEAUTIFUL?

It’s your inner LIGHT.

wispy ethereal lotus 8

Awakening YOUR INNER MAGIC makes you younger!  There – I’ve said it.  Don’t go falling all over yourself trying to find where you can buy that – it doesn’t quite come from outside of you.  Rather it BIRTHS from within you.  THE TRUEST and MOST POTENT and MOST NATURAL PART of who you truly are . . . births its own most powerful beauty and light, right there, in your very form.  This is not quite so striking if you’re 20.  But try it at 40.  50.  60.  80.

REALLY.   I am deadly :- ) serious.

You see, those who have been endlessly searching for the fountain of youth have – quite seriously – missed the boat.  It’s not in what they eat, how intensely they workout, how thin and firm they can hone their bodies to be.  And it’s not under the scalpel or at the laser spa.  (Really?  They call that A SPA?!?!?  Are we insane??? I assure you – I may be alone in this – but I most certainly AM NOT!  Insane, that is :- )).

There is no OUTER substance, procedure OR action . . . that will truly, honestly make you younger.

But . . THE LIGHT of your soul can.  Awakening YOUR INNER MAGIC does.  It’s much more powerful than we know.  It leaves OUR DNA in the dust, speeding past its genomes to a space in quantum physics where life regenerates itself all in accordance with THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT – THE PHYSICS OF LIGHT for physical forms.  Quantum Living 101 ;- ).

dreamy fairy 1a

If there is a beauty regimen for women at this time, embracing THE SACRED FEMININE –  and BEING WHO YOU TRULY ARE:  it is this:  AWAKENING YOUR INNER MAGIC!  And one beautiful and purely PHYSICAL outcome of that process – profound, spiritual and wholly energetic though it may be as it flows through us and our lives . . . is that it CREATES and CALLS FORTH FROM WITHIN US . . . TRUE BEAUTY.  The truest expression of our being in every sense – including – yes! – the physical.

Why?  How?  When?  REALLY?!??!?!?

YES.  Because as we do so, as we step ever more truly and fully and completely into who we TRULY ARE – in the depths of our center – OUR ESSENCE responds by truly ENLIVENING . . . bringing alive . . . our highest frequencies of light in our bodies and our forms.

Believe me, this is not just magic.

This is alchemy at its highest, truest level.


And it creates QUANTUM BEAUTY –
Which holds for each of us, one and all, a quite literal fountain of youth.


Take the journey . . .  and you will see!

LoVe, Mandy