. . . RAW

“CelestiAva . . . RAW”

Is a space where THE TRUTHS OF LIGHT

Take on a power all their own.

A Place where the heart bares all, revealing WISDOMS and TRUTHS we as humans rarely consider.

If you contemplate these creations, if you take them into your heart and allow your own ESSENCE to weave its wisdom through you – you will find something powerful happens.

You cannot GAZE INTO this light, these truths . . . and remain unchanged.

Whether you feel a fire begin to burn deep inside you as your SOUL begins the alchemy of saying “YES – these are my truths too” – OR NOT – you will find that with the simple act of pondering and contemplating them, you yourself are changed.  Your life itself takes on another hue.  And something begins to glimmer there, perhaps unseen, in the shadows.

These are not ORDINARY truths.  These are wisdoms which, if you contemplate them, will turn your world – and your life – upside down.  That’s a good thing!  A really powerful, and beautifully magical, thing.  You’ll see what I mean.

Ever feel something WELL UP inside of you so strongly that it can’t be held silent – or kept at bay?  These are those truths.  The ones that A HEART OF LIGHT will always whisper – OR ROAR – into your life.

Hold on.  These are surprising.  And truly, completely life-changing.

Transformational, yes.  Powerful, yes.

For the faint of heart . . . ?

Not exactly.

:- )



Some of my heart’s roars, and some of spirit’s deepest truths.

May they touch you as deeply and profoundly as they have – and continue to – touch me.