Oh My * Oh Dear!

We’ve all done it.  Or had it happen to us.  A time – a space – a moment . . . when life takes




Even, perhaps, at our own hands.  Our fingertips behind the happening or event – which turns out in some quite unplanned for, unanticipated – and let’s be completely honest here now – unwanted way.

What to do?

Well, the fretting and fixing is a natural human reaction.  Or so it seems.  But it leaves us with a missing piece of the puzzle.  If we are SO CERTAIN that what just took place is ALL WRONG . . . how can we hold ourselves in a position, and a viewpoint, which might allow us to SEE SOMETHING HIDDEN.

What, you might ask? 

What is it I think could be hidden there,

Lurking in the shadows of a very big OOPS!

Well . . . it’s this. 


I know, not exactly what you were thinking, right?  Not exactly what our human minds and thoughts expect – or project.  YET, in my world, there is always some deeper or higher purpose, a vibration of pure light that holds a guiding presence in every moment of my life.  Accidents?  Not possible.  Not really.  Not at the soul level.  I know most people DO BELIEVE IN THEM.  I don’t.  I have come to see them when they appear in my life – and we have had some MIGHTY POWERFUL, LIFE ALTERING ONES over here, let me tell you . . . as something – well – magical.

It’s not that they aren’t everything you would also think them to be.  A one ton pallet of glass falls on my husband, trapping him and his legs underneath.  Intentional – no way.  Not in the human sense.  Freak moment of life?  Perhaps.

AND  YET . . . in each of these moments – the more powerful, the more sudden, the more life-altering that big OOPS is . . . THE MORE STUNNING THE LIGHT IT HOLDS, which I see dancing beneath all the human impacts it brings.  Now, yes, I know what you’re thinking, maybe – that sounds insane.  Downright crazy.  Ludicrous.  And I might would have agreed with you . . . once upon a time.

But I live in quite a different world than I used to.  I do – I admit it.  More than that . . . I own it.  In truth – let’s just be COMPLETELY honest and radical here – I HONOR IT!  But there is a reason why I live in this other REALM – so far beyond what we, each of us, seems to live as our norm.  It is because I HAVE SEEN BREATHTAKING MIRACLES take form in that space.  In the light hidden and buried deep within the unfolding of a situtation which anyone else would call ACCIDENT – TRAGEDY – or something even more profoundly unwelcome.  Yet, you see – that IS  the truth of it.  When those moments and times come . . . I WELCOME THEM.  I’m not saying I WISH FOR THEM exactly – but when they come, I do gather myself quickly and focus on operating from the very depths of my center.  Why?


Because these are powerful moments. 


Can we truly navigate them with our highest self and knowings. 

And when we do – we are led – we are guided – we flow in a field of light and, I’ll just say it – MAGIC . . .  that takes the worst of moments and situations – and leads us to the SPARKLE they hold.  If we look.  If we are willing TO SEE.  If we exist within the power of that situation – without fear.

I know this sounds impossible – but I am here to tell you it is not.  I do it all the time.  It CAN be done.  In powerful, life-threatening moments.  It’s becoming quite a specialty of mine and, though I did not realize this at the beginning . . . I’ve come to see these MOST UNWELCOME MOMENTS often hold our own biggest gifts.  Things we need.  Things we yearn for.  Things we only hope we can one day hold.  YES – it is quite true – they are arriving on our doorstep in a strange, baffling package.  Something akin to thinking the stork was going to deliver a precious infant to your front stoop – and you open the door to find a bear cub.  NOT EXACTLY WHAT THE PLAN WAS, no?  NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WERE THINKING.  NOT EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANTED.

And that’s the DIAMOND

In the center of those very moments. 

YOU DON’T want it.  Because of the form it has taken, because of what it brings.  And yet – I promise you . . . if you can move through it, and take the journey, with your heart in the lead – and your SOUL or ESSENCE as your co-pilot . . . oh my, will you ever find that something extraordinary has been gifted to you.  What is that?  IT IS THIS:  the deepest revelation that there are NO BAD THINGS.  Only things we don’t yet fully see their purpose, their gift, their meaning.

This can be hard to grasp when we first start out.  It requires trust to let go of  our normal operating patterns.  But when we do – and the more that we do it – we are ushered into a very special place.  A SPACE where we witness miracles.  Not always out in the open.  Sometimes hidden, sometimes barely there.  But if we watch – if we embrace what appears with a watchful gaze – and we approach it not as something TO GET THROUGH or TO SURVIVE . . . but as a voyage of discovery into something that holds some element of hidden magic or some very potent gifts for us . . .  THE VERY GIFTS WE HAVE WAITED OUR WHOLE LIFETIME TO RECEIVE APPEAR.


Then . . . we move into a soulful, quantum field of awareness where we harness the energy of creation.  And come to understand something deeply special – and profound – about ourselves.  THAT WE ARE MAGICAL.  THAT WE ARE POWERFUL.  THAT LIFE ITSELF and OUR ESSENCE will use any tool, any event, any situation – even the ones most outside our realm of expectation – to bring us THIS GIFT.

Perception is an amazing thing.  So is viewpoint.  IT is a power we all hold.  The way we judge something – anything – dictates its behavior.  Remember that.  Another TRUTH OF LIGHT :- ).

One we can all hold onto as we embrace . . .