It’s Never Easy

It’s never easy, These Transformations Of The Heart.

It’s not that the heart is uncertain.  It’s that we, our human selves and thoughts and mind-directed lives, forget.  We forget who we truly are.  We forget how to live in alignment with our inner most wisdoms and truths.  And we forget something else.  Our Courage.

The only thing we truly must give up in order to LIVE AS WHO WE TRULY ARE – is . . .


Each and every last one.  Did you feel that quiver inside you just now?

Yes, we quake – almost literally – at the thought.

Even when we find or think ourselves to be quite fearless . . . if you look closely, if you venture deeper, you’ll find that A LOT of what we wrap up in the garments of LOVE – is actually – cloaking FEAR.  To live as who we truly are – PURE LOVE & PURE LIGHT – is to live without  fear.  This sounds impossible, but I am here to tell you – IT IS NOT.

But more than that, doing so is the only place where we truly WIELD our greatest power – OUR OWN TRUE LIGHT – OUR OWN PUREST LOVE, untouched and unweakened by FEAR.

Everything – in the end – is either LOVE or fear.  LOVE/LIGHT is the truth – and everything else is the illusion.

The tricky thing is this:  so much of what we, as humans, do today . . . we CALL love.  We think and believe our actions and choices and words ARE a reflection of love.  But I am here to tell you this:  if you delve into the depths of your inner self, you will find that – if your mind is in charge – it is usually based upon fear.

When we begin choosing from love, instead of fear – LOVE without fear – we make an amazing discovery.  Every choice we make that is FEARLESS – love without fear – has this magical effect.  Our Courage soars and we suddenly find so much of what used to define us no longer does.  So much of who we thought we were and wanted and needed to be – dissolves.

And in that open, illuminated space . . . something NEW is revealed.

A Being who is more free, more powerful, more loving, more creational,, more true  – and more happy – than anything you thought or believed was possible in your old life and paradigm of this world.

It’s a scary thing, I know.  But believe me when I say :  THIS is one of those CHOICES that will utterly change everything about your life and the world you live in.  Powerful stuff, that.  Indeed – it is our truest purpose here on earth.  TO BECOME THAT VERY THING – that fearless, loving, blissful Being who KNOWS that her soul came to give its amazing gifts to the world.  And they can only EVER truly be given in their purest form – when she lives without fear.


Are you ready?

It’s Time.  Let’s Begin.


Let’s Begin With A Question:

What is the ONE THING you would give absolutely anything – and everything – to be/do/achieve/get?

And when you have that answer . . . ask yourself this:


AM I TRULY WILLING TO LIVE WITHOUT FEAR in order to have that thing take hold or materialize in my life?


Asked and answered.

That’s all you need to do.

If your answer is no – your life will remain the same.

If your answer is yes – every situation that arises before you now is, at its HEART, only about that one thing.  Your Innermost Being bringing you a moment and an opportunity to embrace the chance to CHOOSE TO LIVE THAT MOMENT WITHOUT FEAR.

To look carefully and truly – with eyes wide open and judgments put aside – at what exists below the surface, what ripple is there, hidden and unseen – asking you to choose something out of fear.  Whether you see it or not, you can feel it – there – beneath the surface.  Let it guide you to truly recognize it and discern its presence.  And then use your HEART and your EXPANDING COURAGE to step into that moment – and knowingly – choose differently.

The Transformation will amaze and confound you.  And it will do something else besides.  It will create a process inside of you, deep within the innermost caverns of your being, where every choice now – opens a doorway, illuminates a fear, and expands your courage.  And the metamorphosis will be no less astounding . . . than the butterfly whose wings are still coated with dew when the first streams of light come into the dissolving chrysalis.

His whole world dissolves.  And then he is free.  In a much bigger, more expansive, and far more magical realm.  And he takes flight . . . in a state of fearless wonder.  Born of the TRANSFORMATION his whole being just endured and experienced.

Sometimes there is a wisdom lived before our very eyes.  The Butterfly brings us this knowing:  ALL WILL BE WELL.  There is far more inside of you than can be yet known.  Take the journey – enjoy the mystery – and bask in the transformation.  You will never be the same.  And that is a beautiful, sacred, and magical thing!