It All Began . . . With A Whisper

Who Is . . . CelestiAva?


That’s the question everyone has on their minds, usually, when they visit our site.

And don’t you know, the answer to that question is a really compelling one.  A deep one.


But what I’ve come to understand in a very magical way is this:

What TRULY matters is this:



Who Are YOU . . . TRULY?


I am Mandy, and I am an ordinary girl.  Woman.  Person.

I am also CelestiAva, which is not a persona so much as A SOUL.  It’s who I truly am.  And I have finally merged my physical human “MANDY” self completely and fully into the space where I can hold, breathe and live as – ALL OF THAT ESSENCE, all of that SOUL LIGHT.  Here – now – today – in a body and life that appears to be very human indeed.

I am married and I have lived a very ordinary life.  Yet, in some very powerful ways, it has, too, been quite EXTRA*ORDINARY.  And that is my wish for you.  That your life – as you live and breathe it today – RIGHT NOW * HERE * IN THIS VERY MOMENT – feel . . . to you to be EXTRAORDINARY.

CelestiAva is the beginnings of a conversation which is enduring.  Why?  Because, when you walk this life as WHO YOU TRULY ARE, everything expands.  And although things often become crystal clear, that does not mean they do not hold enormous complexity.  This is the magic and beauty of spirit – and living in this material realm.  Everything changes AS YOU CHANGE.  And in that space, we hold all the power to shape and to create our lives to reflect the enormous grace, wisdom and beauty of THE LIGHT which lives deep inside of each of us.

It is that LIGHT to which this site is dedicated.  Finding the LOVE and the highest LIGHT in every moment – every choice – every creation – every act.  It is a powerful existence, that.  And it is a magical one.

So, as you come to this space and wonder, who – or what – is CELEST*IAVA . . . before I tell you the story that answers that question (at least partially, for don’t you know my life is steeped in the rhythm and magic of MYSTERY all of its own accord, it seems) . . .perhaps, first, you would like to contemplate something for yourself.  Before We Begin. It Is This:

WHO . . . are you?

Do you know?  Do you have this guiding, deeply powerful sense within yourself of who you TRULY ARE?

If so, then you will love finding out about me and learning about CELESTI*AVA.  And if not, then now is a glorious moment to take the opportunity to really contemplate the question – and allow it to reveal the answer to you in a powerful way.  You see, we are all always so much more than we think or believe ourselves to be.  We are deeper, more powerful, more loving and more creative than our lives ever reflect.


And it is that – A TRUE and PURE REFLECTION – of who we truly are . . .

that CelestiAva is dedicated to birthing.


May you find your discoveries and your answers to those questions as stunning and transformative as I did.  And still do. :- )  For that is the enchanting thing about LIVING LIFE THIS WAY – the Light is ever-expanding.

And so, thus, too . . . are we.