Health and Wealth and Matters of Life

The Big One 2

It is true that we all are here with amazing gifts to give, beautiful experiences to embrace, and powerful moments to grow and expand through.  That is, perhaps, the truest definition of life.

But what about those times when . . . things seem amiss?  Our health seems precarious, our wealth feels beyond our grasp, and the deepest matters of life feel to be things we cannot impact or transform.  What happens then?

I have found for myself that, beautiful though my life is and has always been – there are times that come knocking which can give even the strongest and truest of us . . . pause.   That take our breath away – and perhaps not, at least at first, in what seems like a good way.  Times where we might feel lost – or at least unable to wield any kind of power to change what stands before us.

My life has taught me something about that.  About Change.  About trying to force or craft CHANGE.  I don’t do it any more.  I don’t TRY to change others, situations, experiences.  I truly don’t.  I STEP INTO THEM.  I take a deep breath, I move into a newly discovered, even DEEPER CENTER OF MY BEING – found in just that moment as I needed it – and I STEP INTO IT and MEET IT.  I not only do not resist, I move into a state of harmony with it.  It’s here.  It has come.  It holds purposes and gifts.  GAZE INTO IT and open my heart to see, to fathom, to understand what they are.  Only then can I truly know what to do, what to not do



Sounds great, right?  Actually, it is.  But there is a deep caveat sitting there in the center of that approach.  SOMETIMES YOU CANNOT KNOW.  Sometimes you – no matter how hard you try, no matter how aligned you are, no matter how far into the depths of the center of your being you go  . . . YOU CANNOT KNOW.  Nothing will bring you the understanding, the mental purpose, the grasp of why it is here, what it holds, what purpose it is enacting – and surely what you could do to move through it faster.

SOMETIMES – you are DEEP IN THE CENTER OF THE UNKNOWN.  And I have to tell you, for us as humans – that is a potent space.  We don’t like it.  WE like that about as much as we like change.  WE RESIST CHANGE (unless it is on our terms and our idea.)  And WE DEEPLY FEAR THE UNKNOWN.  However . . . if you MELT INTO IT . . . if YOU EMBRACE ITS PRESENCE when it comes, you may find – as I do now


It is, without a doubt, THE MOST POTENT SPACE of true creation.  It is, after all, where LIGHT LIVES AND IS BIRTHED.  It is the world and the realm where energy is boundless and the primordial potentiality of life in all its forms . . . exists, resides – and THRIVES.  I have come to see it as this:  the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  WE just don’t know it.  Well, I do – now!  But that was a powerful discovery, let me tell you!  It turned my world inside out, my body upside down, and detached me from every single tether of my life.


Sound scary?  It can be.  Just imagine letting go of EVERYTHING in your life – including who you knew yourself to be.  Not for the faint of heart, I give you that.  AND YETthis is the very space where our heart really roars into its own power.  The place where our spirit and essence shine with unmatched gifts and abilities we had no idea existed, no prayer that they were possible, much less living a potent existence . . .

Within Ourselves!

Yet, for all of this . . .  THE UNKNOWN does not always – perhaps even often – beckon from a warm and fuzzzy space.  Rather, it moves us into its depths with a dance of life that we often cannot see as steps that are connected to each other in anything other than CHAOS.  A waltz . . . if extended at a very slow pace . . . would be hard to discern as truly a waltz.  Yet, that is how our lives move us through the unknown.  Slowly – with moves by our soul – imagine a chess board – that position us and our lives into the perfect place to receive our next soulful gift.  LIFE ON EARTH is about soulful gifts – not human or physical ones.  If we learned that – we’d have a different world here over night.

So what do you do when THE DANCE INTO THE UNKNOWN calls to you through the events of your life?  I suggest you gather your energy to you, begin to feel all sparkly and radiant – and step onto the dance floor knowing that . . .  THIS IS THE DANCE OF YOUR LIFE.  Quite literally, it is.  The dance will change you, electrify you in some way, ask you to leave something behind and make space for something new.  These are not bad things or even painful things – unless we let them beIT CAN JUST BE A BEAUTIFUL WALTZ .  . . and our soul or essence or wisest and highest self – is the invisible partner on the dance floor with us – taking the lead.


We are not alone.  More importantly, we are held in a tender embrace in the dance, with a guiding hand imperceptibly resting on our back.  Leading us forward.  Taking us through to the other side.  And what happens at the end of this dance?  This powerful journey through the unknown?  Well, in my experience . . . another dance begins.

Another moment and experience and unfolding –

Of wonder and magic and power. 


So what does that have to do with HEALTH and WEALTH?!!?!?!

Well, actually – EVERYTHING.   Truly, everything in our life is that very thing:  A DANCE INTO and THROUGH and WITHIN . . . THE SACRED UNKNOWN!  It is sacred.  Especially more so if we choose it to be and live it as that very thing.  Embracing it as such, and living it that way, allows our most sacred and highest and wisest parts of who we truly are TO COME FORTH.  Who do you think is leading you onto the dance floor and guiding your steps through?  God?  Source?  Angels?  Yes, could be.  All of those.  I suspect it is.




Your highest and truest and best self. 

Who knows THE WAY.


So relax, melt into the music.  Don’t be afraid.  The FEAR is like a scratch on a record.  (Are you old enough to have ever heard an album or record player actually play?  If not, don’t worry –  it can be just an expression :- ))  It not only ruins the beauty of what you are experiencing.  But it does something else.  It interrupts the flow.  And that simply drags out the process and turns up the noise.  We don’t need that.  And we control that – it’s ALL US.  So we have the right – and, more truly, THE POWER –  to choose whether the dance is beautiful, awe-inspiring and filled with wonder – or a dark and cold place we can’t wait to escape from.  I suspect our knowing, our, and our intention . . . make it one – or the other.  I know which I AM CHOOSING – how about you?

Health and Wealth are the dances of our soul. 

So is everything in our physical lives. 

When we understand that – AND TRULY LIVE IT – we give our life free expression and we come to every moment from a higher space.  WE get to choose the music that is playing . . . is it beautiful or is it harsh?  Our approach – our attitude – our knowing . . . creates the melody.  But the journey will take us exactly where we need to go.  ALWAYS.

I always like to take the beautiful, scenic, happy path.  The melody that holds all the unknown my soul can summon.  I just don’t fear it.  And that makes all the difference.  For I am here to tell you  this:  every thing about our physical, human lives is – at its inception – A MATTER OF THE HEART.

Perhaps that’s the secret.  Perhaps that is all we TRULY NEED TO KNOW.

Perhaps it’s not really THE UNKNOWN.  We are just looking outside of the heart for knowing, and direction.

Perhaps it’s really just THE HEART’s DOMAIN that we have entered – and simply forgotten that to be true.  And so, it would seem then . . .



I think so.  Do you ?

:- )

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