Discovering Your Soul

It is rare, in this world, for us to take the time and presence and energy – TO DISCOVER OUR DEEPEST and TRUEST SELF.  And even if we are one of those few who do . . . most often THAT PATH is about opening yourself to THE TRUTHS and THE PATH of another.  Something they teach for you, or to you, to take a similar presence in you as it did in them.

We do things differently.

Everything I have found TO BE TRUE about MY INNERMOST BEING, was a discovery I made myself.  From very deep inside ME, even if I had helpers or illuminated beings who had chosen to come at that time to shine a very bright light so that I could see MY OWN LIGHT, MY OWN TRUEST SELF, ever more completely.  And deeply.  And truly.

THIS IS THAT VERY SAME  SPACE – created just for you.

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The gifts and blessings that have flowed to – and through –  me, for over a decade now, maybe nearly two! :- ), are restless.  Deep and soulful TRUTHS and GIFTS and BLESSINGS, they were given to me, just for me . . . are being yearned for, and more importantly, are powerfully urging me to share them.  I have held them so tenderly, and yet so powerfully close, within my heart all this time – that when the message came TO SHARE THEM, I didn’t quite know if I could.  Really.

Something that has become so much a deep and inner part of the fabric and fiber of your being, a part most other humans don’t fathom . . . well, that might give one pause.

Something so sacred, so personal, so private . . . that was given to me right before I began my own journey of AWAKENING AS PURE LIGHT . . . is not something most people could behold, or ever grasp.  How do I know that?  Because as my life changed, transformed in the very presence of THIS FIRE, THIS LIGHT of POWERFUL LOVE and SACRED KNOWINGS – others could not fathom it.  They could not SEE what I was seeing, nor could they FEEL or SENSE what was there right before me – or deep inside of me.

I learned to hold THESE WISDOMS ever more tightly within me.  So Sacred, I kept them tucked away in my heart, within the sanctuary of MY SOUL’s GATES . . . and imbued my life with them.  I shared only as guided  – and only when I had to.  You would not pull out the tiniest, most tender BEING and hand it over to someone who was afraid of it or could not see it – to be stomped on in arrogance or ignored, or destroyed, out of fear.

I kept these SACRED WISDOMS OF LIGHT within my heart, and lived them ever more deeply – as my own.  As a single truth.  As something so precious and rare as to have transformed me and my life in a way that even something as mighty and potent as THE LEGEND of the PHOENIX might wonder about her owns power and gifts within these same SECRETS of LIGHT.  I watched with growing wonder as the world around me transformed, as did the lives of those I saw or knew or touched – in amazing ways.

IT WAS A GIFT, I thought, that I was able to receive and be blessed by these, THE WONDERS OF LIGHT.  And no one else need see them or hear them or grasp them – they were flowing through me and my life, out into the world, in magical and unseen ways.

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Though I shared nuggets and wisps of THESE POWERFUL TRUTHS, as a moment arose and I was led to do so, they remained, in their depths, largely my own.  And I loved that.  At first, I wanted to share them and all their incredible power and wonder, from the mountaintops with all of the world, with anyone who would listen and hear their own heart soar in their presence.  But I was cautioned, that was not the way.  I came to understand why.  LIGHT is a potent and powerful force.  To unleash it in all its presence takes wisdom.  Why?  Because . . . think of it.  Who do  you  know that lives their lives entirely, utterly and completely – at the highest frequencies of LIGHT?  I don’t mean as spiritually aware and awakened humans who live THAT KIND OF LIFE.  RARE though that is to be seen in our world – and CELEBRATE that life path and choice as much as I do for them.

No, I mean something more here.  Who do you know who lives their lives entirely AS . . . A LIGHT BEING?  Where LIGHT and all its POWERS and PRINCIPLES don’t just flow through their life – IT IS THEIR LIFE.  They are ALL ABOUT SPIRIT.  They define who they are, how they live, everything about their body and their mind – AS LIGHT.  They don’t think in terms of HUMAN ELEMENTS OF LIVING.  Rather . . . they live AS LIGHT and define human life as the very same thing.

This changes everything.  How do I know?  Because I have done it.

THIS is what THE WISDOMS OF LIGHT are all about.  Dissolving the very fiber of our being, and our identity, and our understanding of ourselves as human, physical, material beings.  Moving us through the transformations of LIGHT whereby we, ourselves, release all the boundaries that define our being:  and let our SOUL * OUR ESSENCE * OUR TRUEST NATURE take the lead.

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How do you KNOW if someone is LIVING AS LIGHT?  It’s simple .  They are . . . FEARLESS.

They have no fear and they live the principles of LIGHT and LOVE without fear – in every moment of their life.

They don’t go to doctors, they don’t use their physical form as anything other than a tool or extension of LIGHT.  They don’t meditate or even pray – THEY ARE A BEING WHO LIVES IN THAT STATE CONTINUALLY.  And they are happy.  They hold a joy and peace within themselves that is enchanting – and untouchable.  Why?  Because the physical, material paradigm is UNDER THE SPELL of light.  It is not ABOVE IT.

Think about that.  It would radically reform this world if we all lived that way.

And each of us is granted a choice on that very front – right now.

Which do we choose?

WHO do WE choose to be?

Welcome To . . . A New Life

I CHOOSE to be .. . .

LIGHT.  And nothing else.

You can change the world in this way, we all  can.



And the wisdoms of creating THAT TRANSFORMATION WITHIN YOURSELF – YOUR OWN DEEPEST BLISS and YOUR SOUL’s TRUEST EXPRESSION . . . ares here, now, being offered to the world.

You are INVITED, if you feel a  CALLING  inside you TO BE TRUE.

The Sacred, Magical, Powerful journey that was gifted to me . . . is now, for the first time, being made available to the world.  Only those ready for the MAGIC and the POWER of the truest, purest expression of LOVE within you and in your life, need say yes.  For this is TRANSFORMATION – and MAGIC – at its finest.

I have the gifts, and I am sharing them with the world.  Revealing them in all their magic, as they were revealed to me, and now for the world.

THE JOURNEY they lead you on will be your own.

Which is, ever, THE POINT!

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I hope you join us, for I myself can’t believe I am actually doing this.  GIVING to the world the most precious secrets given to me.  But I am.  And they will – without a doubt – transform all who receive them.

I don’t care if the world transforms.  Only that I did.  And I have.  But I see now – I KNOW NOW – the power of these gifts that were given to me IN TRUST.  I cannot continue to hold them only for me.  They are ready to bless others now.  Are you one?  If so, AWAKENING is going to take on a whole new meaning.  Why?  Because there is so much more LIGHT inside you than you know.

The Discovery of that will leave every corner of your life blessed and illuminated – and no crevice will remain untouched or hidden in the shadows.  YOU WILL BIRTH and BECOME your own deepest, truest energy and vibration of being.  And I can assure you of this – it will be NOTHING like who you are now.  As magnificent, magical, enchanting and beautifully perfect as you are now, today, here – in this moment . . . that is NOTHING compared to who you will become.

These are not classes as much as they are this:  MAGICAL JOURNEYS of DISCOVERY.  Through them, you discover and reveal the HIDDEN TRUTHS OF LIGHT that live inside you.  They are unlike anything you have ever known, done, or participated in.  None of the usual vessels or forms of a class apply.  This is something brand new.  TRANSFORMATION FROM THE INSIDE OUT.  Wholly based upon the  purest energy of Life – FIRST LIGHT.

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Welcome!  Our classes are offered as . . . “CHARMED”, “ENCHANTING, “SPELL*BOUND” . . . and more.


They are A Collection of sacred classes about love, light, spirit – and life.

They are, each and every one –  A JOURNEY OF THE HEART.  A DISCOVERY OF THE SOUL.





You may find them all here:



You will change.  Your life will change.  The world will change.

It’s Time!

:- )