Creation Light

t is true that, most often, creation seems to take place in a physical context:  that which is material springing forth from within a body of rules and expectations, formula and processes, that we see and know and expect.  And – without a doubt – that is one way.

But there is another.  THE RULES OF LIGHT are different than what we usually, typically indulge here on earth.  And they carry one QUANTUM TRUTH at THEIR CENTER:  THE REAL TRUTH – THE FULL TRUTH – THE WISEST TRUTH . . . will always lie within you.  INSIDE YOUR OWN SPARKLING CENTER OF LIGHT.

But, as you may see if you contemplate this, as I have done – either in your own life or watching the lives of those around you – you can discern something truly interesting in our very linear, very mental, very RATIONAL approach to life.  It is this:  we almost always SEEK for the answer/solution/truth/or knowing that we need – FIRST AND FOREMOST – from outside our selves.  Don’t we?  WE go to doctors and dentists, healers and gurus, we google and read and study and . . . do all manner of EFFORTS TO DISCERN AND ASCERTAIN what we need – from beyond us.  FIRST.  We seek out experts, training, the path already invented by another.  If you stop to think about it, it’s ludicrous.

Imagine, if you will, that YOU are THE CENTER LIBRARIAN in the hall of records of all of life. In your position there, you hold the VERY CENTERMOST SPOT in this vast, breathtaking array of knowledge, wisdom and gathered information.  You are literally – and figuratively – surrounded by an OCEAN OF KNOWING, right there, at your fingertips, should you turn your gaze and attention to what exists right there in that deepest space – where you reside.

Arches 1

Yet, for some baffling reason, when something comes up – be it an itch on your foot, a feeling of pain in your heel, a conflict with another over something of value or importance to you . . . YOU ALWAYS GET UP FROM YOUR PERCH in the center of this vast land of KNOWINGNESS . . . and walk to the window and open it.  You peer out hoping someone will be passing by and you do all you can to get the attention of someone WHO CAN HELP, WHO CAN KNOW ABOUT SUCH THINGS, WHO CAN GUIDE YOU BEST.

And though many helpful souls do go by and offer you all that they can, from their field of expertise and their training and their knowing of life based on THEIR BELIEFS, and THEIR RULES, and THEIR LAWS . . . it grows exhausting sometimes always having to turn to and find another.  And hope you DID FIND THE RIGHT ONE.  THE PERFECT ONE.  THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABALE ONE.  THE ONE YOU TRULY NEED.

And after your time searching beyond you, you turn back in to your space of light and knowledge, turn out the lights and fall asleep.  Exhausted from the worry and the contemplation and the evaluation – AND THE SEARCHING.  And every single day you wake up – and do the same thing.  Then one day, something strange happens.  There is an uncommon and unexpected POWER SURGE that runs through your space.  Truth be told, you were a little bit scared – it could set something on fire or cause some damage or even destroy the whole vessel within which you live and work.  So you got up and went about exploring all the hidden corners of the space that surrounds you every day.  THIS INNER SPACE you always turn outward from for what you seek.

The power surge created a much brighter light in your area,

And suddenly everything was illuminated. 

New Beginnings 2

You realized you had never TRULY EXPLORED HERE.  YOU HAD NEVER TRULY DISCOVERED what you were the caretaker of.  As you went from section to section, you noticed something – THERE WERE AMAZING GIFTS HERE.  Truths and answers and the wildest solutions imaginable.  Conflict resolution – oh just give a hug.  Slugs in the yard – celebrate it when they have babies.  There were even some mind-defying ones.  Things you had never thought of.  When your head hurts – go lie down.  And then see what POPS INTO YOUR HEAD to give you an idea of what the headache means and what might help.

There were even more powerful things here.  You found a record that held your own body’s very blueprint.  LITERALLY.  It was encased in light and seemed to be a living, breathing thing.  LITERALLY!  It was pulsating – as if with breath.  You noticed that your neck was really tight from all the extra walking around and bending you had been doing, tidying up the records in sections of your space you had – quite honestly – never seen before.  So you saw that part of your blueprint glowing and placed your fingertip very gently on the case which held the blueprint and closed your eyes.  Lo and behold your neck relaxed in a few minutes and you felt so much better.   You were impressed – better than a pill, you thought!

Now, that’s a fanciful story – you might say.  And, you might be right – that might be true – who’s to say.





Science?  HARDLY.  Vast aeons of life have been true for most of man’s existence – and science could not fathom its existence nor hold any prayer of proving it.  YET KNOWS IT EXISTS.  Is it possible . . . THAT WE OURSELVES are what makes something TRUE?  Is it possible that BELIEF is a garden which gives birth to all sorts of creations – even the most physical, materialized ones we can imagine?

I say yes – it is so.  AT LEAST FOR ME.  But that’s not what matters here.  What truly matters is this:  WHO TENDS YOUR INNER SPACE OF WISDOM?  AND WHERE DO YOU TURN FIRST when you need something, have a question, or something feels out of sorts or amiss?  Are you the person who goes everywhere OTHER THAN WITHIN – FIRST . . . and only turns inward when all stones uncovered beyond you fail?

Here’s why this matters.  CREATION LIGHT is the most powerful, potent force of energy on the planet – and beyond.  And it can be wielded, and operates only from within, a space of PURE LOVEwithout fear.  So if you are turning OUTWARD as your first instinct or act . . . or striving for outer confirmation before you will trust your INNER WISDOM . . . then you have wholly turned over your power.  To another, to a community, to a belief system which – let’s be honest – DOES NOT HOLD YOU AT THE VERY CENTER OF ITS BEING.

But your inner landscape does.  There is a vast wealth of wisdom available to each of us from our CENTER.  Yes, we have to learn to trust it, and we have to remember that we HAVE AN INNER VOICE THAT KNOWS MORE THAN ALL OF MANKIND PUT TOGETHER.  But once we do, we wholly activate a place of power within ourselves.  Why?  Because there is no one and no thing that can as powerfully, purely, and truly REVEAL TRUTHS TO YOU FOR WHAT YOU NEED OR WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU . . . than what comes and exists from the space where you are the very center of that knowledge.


This changes everything.  You can see how.  It’s not that others cannot help us or that they don’t have good intentions.  That’s not really the point.  The point is this:  by turning outwards firstyou give away all your power.  But you give away something even more precious besides.  You give away the very PATHWAY through which YOUR MIRACLES and YOUR DISCOVERIES can be found.  So they sit there, like a silent, listless garden – just waiting for you to come.

To remember them. 

To turn home. 


There is nothing more powerful any one of us can ever do – when we question, when we seek, when we fall ill, when we are uncertain, when life brews up a storm.  THE GREATEST TRUTHS and WAY TO MOVE FORWARD in wholeness and harmony – always are most powerfully and most completely revealedFROM OUR CENTER.

So my question is this: 

Are YOU using your power? 

Fully.  Completely.  AS YOUR FIRST STEP?

Why would you delay – or ignorethe wealth of LIGHT which exists in the center of you?  You may just hold a secret there which it is your gift and your destiny to bring forth.  And that will not happen as long as you are turned outwards from yourself, seeking what you need in every other direction.

These are powerful moments for  humanity.


And though we all likely want the same things – a beautiful world, a happy life, a peaceful existence. . . ARE WE WILLING TO LIVE THE LIFE, TO CULTIVATE THE TRUTHS WITHIN OURSELVES – which release the power from within us to create that very thing?

LIGHT is about owning who you truly are.  Your Power.  Your Presence.  YOUR LOVE.

And you never do that by seeking outside of yourself first and foremost – for anything.

LIGHT shows us the way.  And we amaze ourselves when we allow our spirit to TURN THE LIGHT ON so we can reveal to ourselves just how much WISDOM does truly live inside us.  THE CENTER OF OUR BEING is a potent, light-filled space.  Bringing that forth, up to the very surface of our being, and then allowing it to flow out into the world – is our destiny.  Because doing so is when we feel truly whole.