This class was created some time ago.

But it wanted to become more, it yearned to go deeper.

Now, finally, it is ready for you!

This Class is designed to truly open you . . . TO ALL THE MAGIC and LOVE which our souls, OUR ESSENCE , uses to touch our lives.  That Magic serves a single and sacred purpose:  TO AWAKEN US.

For, you see, MAGIC is . . . after all . . . simply PURE LOVE.

And when we leave our fears behind, we begin dancing through the pages of our lives with THE CERTAINTY that all is well.   And with the knowing that LIGHT is held in all moments, all events, all unfoldings.  Our very breath of life changes . . . to become something more.  If you are ready to discover and play in a whole new way with . . . YOUR INNER LIGHT . . . come.

Thiis Class is designed to take you on a magical, enchanting – and transformative! – journey.

Let’s Begin!

Course Information

This course does not have any sections.