Discovering . . .



Celesti*Ava is a space of Light, Love and Truth.

Consciously choosing to hold the highest, purest and truest frequencies of Light – Of Love.  And creating a life which  reflects that – without exception.  This is our purpose.  This is our gift.  This is our calling.

If you, too, find yourself choosing to live at higher vibrations, opening your heart to the higher frequencies of Light and Love, and discerning the most sacred truths of Life from deep within yourself – OR WISHING YOU COULD – welcome!

You have found a new home, a new friend, and a wondrous place where your heart can soar, your mind can rest, and your Soul Can Lead.

Questions are always welcome, so feel free to be in touch!


Enjoy your visit to our magical, ethereal world.  The Space of True Life.

Perhaps it is about to become your own . . . as well.