Golden Butterfly 2

You may wonder, as I have sometimes, why storms blaze through our lives.  Be it physical or relationship or something more, it can seem to hold the ability to TAKE AWAY all that we are, all that we hold dear, the very life we thought was ours to live.  Those are compelling times.   They are – too – TRANSFORMATIONAL.

Did you know that when the caterpillar enters the chrysallis – a space she creates for herself, I want to remind you – she holds everything deep inside herself that she will need for the powerful metamorphosis about to be.  SHE comes into that moment and time of transition –




Did you know that as the caterpillar enters the beautiful chrysallis space she will build around herself, enwombing herself with the weaving which will suffocate the life she used to hold, keeping it from being pulled back into who, and what, she used to be – she does something amazing?  Once secure in her space, she begins dissolving all that she is – and was.  Literally, the process she undergoes is not just TRANSFORMATION – though it clearly is that.  IT IS ALCHEMY!   She herself eats away and dissolves everything that went INTO the chrysallis space.  Her body – her form – every aspect of her beingness . . . is eaten away and dissolves.  THERE IS NOTHING – OF WHO SHE WAS – LEFT.  No form – no abilities – no capacity.

She is . . . UNDONE.


And, of course, as well all know – then A MIRACLE OF LIFE  happens!  Somehow, in the ashes and debris of everything being eaten and dissolved and taken away – the non-physical part of her begins vibrating in a new way.  And from within that deep vibration of her spirit – OF THE ESSENCE SHE IS . . . DEEP IN THE CENTER OF HER BEING . . . a new form is born.  WE all know this.  The EMERGENCE of A BUTTERFLY is – I feel – one of not just nature’s, but God/Goddess’, most powerful SECRETS.  A gift which we see right before our eyes every time we see one of these magical, winged creatures flutter by.

But did you know this?  When the butterfly emerges from her cocoon – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING biologically that is the same about her or within her.  THERE IS NOTHING THAT CONTINUES INTO THAT NEW LIFE and EXPRESSION OF BEING . . . that was present in her, or as her, before . . .  in a physical or material sense.  TRULY.

Her DNA holds nothing of who she used to be.  There is no component of a caterpillar’s DNA or PHYSICAL MATRIX that exists in her new form as a butterfly – not one.  Not even one tiny cell.  No physical presence of anything that is a blueprint or WHISPER of the form that will come.  To science, what goes into the chrysallis cannot physically become a butterfly.  THERE IS NOTHING PRESENT WHEN SHE GOES IN that – biologically  or scientifically – could give rise to the biological matrix of what comes out.  NOTHING.

There’s a powerful gift here.  A Secret.

Think about it.


Did the caterpillar die? 

When it went into the cocoon – did she die? 

Is this  –  DEATH  –  that we are witnessing?


Maybe.  But look what that DEATH is . . . it is, ever more truly and importantly, A Birth.


What WE would think is THE END – was hardly that.  IN fact, it was likely the most compelling moment of her life – the point in time when she became ALL OF WHO . . . SHE TRULY CAME TO BE.  And do you note – she is now NO LONGER EARTHBOUND.  She has wings!  She flies!  She soars!  She lives her life with absolutely NONE of the components or needs or abilities she had before.  She takes on a whole new expression of being – and with that comes


There’s more here.  About her wings.  We’ll come back to that in another piece.

What I want to ask you is this:   WHICH FORM REFLECTED HER TRUE LIGHT?

The one she was born with – or – the one SHE transformed into??????


You see, it occurs to me, that we all have this choice.  About our forms – about our lives – about our expressions of Being.  We all know the magic, so to speak, of a butterfly.  BUT DO WE KNOW the magic of ourselves – the power of soulful transformation that we carry deep inside ourselves?  I know I do.  My life has taught me that ever so powerfully, especially the last decade – or two! – of life.

What is so compelling to me is this: 

SHE IS LED FROM WITHIN.  SHE CARRIES WITHIN HER EVERYTHING SHE NEEDS FOR THE JOURNEY and THIS EVENT – both physically and in her wisdom or intuition.  She doesn’t flee from the moment when TRANSFORMATION beckons.  Rather, she makes herself a powerful, beautiful “NEST” – and enters THE MOMENT.  She meets it head on.  She is unafraid.  And she is capable.  Even more importantly . . . she knows what to do.  Not from googling it or asking an expert or finding someone to tell her what it is, what is happening and what will take place.  No, she closes her eyes – trusts THE DEEPEST PARTS OF HERSELF – and welcomes it.

I believe, we are all here for just such magical transformations.  Call it life, call it death – I suspect the labels do not matter.  The real question before you today is this:  how on earth do you think THE CATERPILLAR would feel if – for whatever reason – she lived her whole life as simply THE CATERPILLAR?  Do you think when she left this world, she would have been stunned to discover WHO SHE TRULY WAS INSIDE?  Would she wonder about HAVING MISSED THAT MAGICAL TRANSFORMATION, which might seem to be the PEAK of her existence?  Would she be sad that she had this amazing, miraculous capacity and ability inside her all along, but she simply never welcomed it?


Miracles happen around us all the time.  We fail to see a lot of them.  It is my belief, we fail TO ENACT even more of them.  Because we have forgotten how to be OUR TRUEST BEING.

What is A TRUE LIGHT? 

It is a being, presence or entity

That holds absolutely NO FEAR.  Only LOVE.

Are you that being?  I hope so.   Because BUTTERFLIES come and go – but it is their TRANSFORMATION which defines them.  It is their ability to meet these sacred moments of wonder and incredible magic of spirit, of the essence of their being when it is ready to birth forth anew into a new form . . . which allows them to BE  THE MIRACLE we all know and love.  And they do so because . . .  THEY DO NOT FEAR.

I’m not sure we can, any of us, hope to know OUR TRUEST LIGHT – until we consciously choose to let go of our fears.  All of them.  They lurk and hide where we don’t expect.  Are you fearful about your health?  Is your idea of wellness and physical fitness based on fear?  When moments of brilliant and powerful change come to greet you – do you resist?  It’s easy to, don’t get me wrong.  But if the butterfly can meet SUCH A COMPELLING MOMENT AS THIS with her full being, her trust and her inner knowing, and her own ESSENCE’s POWER as all she truly needs . . . not just to survive, but to transform and to thrive . . .

Why  Can’t . . .  WE?

Coming Undone