It is true, and compelling, that relationships have a rhythm – A LIFE, if you will – all their own.  Some come and go, some live and breathe and transform as we do.  Some are precious and seemingly eternal – some are almost like the blink of an eye and then they are gone.

Yet, it is in these moments of Connection, that often much more is happening BENEATH THE SURFACE than what we see.  Gifts are being given, invisible to our minds and our eyes.  Soul destinies are being enacted in ways we may never know.  There is something about friendships that offer us a truly compelling opportunity to SEE OUR OWN EXPANSIVE ESSENCE and how it wafts through the universe.

It occurs to me that OUR LIFE – THE HUMAN LIFE YOU AND I BOTH HOLD – is so much more than we think.  Than we know.  Than we grasp.  And I believe that if we took just a moment to look AT THAT LIFE with a very wide lens . . . with one that can peer deeper beneath the surface and gaze into and through a higher realm . . . we might just be amazed.  WE might find that many – perhaps, suprisingly, I knoweven most . . . of the events in our lives are hardly what we think or believe.

We think of our friends, most often, as those most like us.  Those whom we are drawn to and who are drawn to us, those that we feel a deep inner connection with on some level – or that we share a common, binding interest or viewpoint or approach to life.  However – what if . . . our friends are truly something else.  Something more.  Something at once profound – yet much more hidden than we think or know or believe.


What if our friends are simply ENERGY MOMENTS enacted to bring to both of us, to both of our lives, some gift – some blessing – some truth?  If that’s true, then we know that even though we may have deep and true friends all of our life . . . there may be  others, too, who come and go . . . yet are the DEEPEST and TRUEST of friends to our soul, to our essence, to our true being.

Why?  Because there is a magical rhythm to CONNECTIONS OF THE SOUL.  They endure, in the physical plane, until all the gifts they came to give are given.  And when those gifts ARE given, then that soul or essence – them or us – turns its attention to giving new gifts, or giving them in a new way or form, or moving on to give its gifts to the next beautiful soul which is their destiny to connect with and to bless or to co-create some energy of life together.  In this way, the person who crosses your path in a certain way, at a certain potent moment, can be your DEEPEST and TRUEST FRIEND.  At a soul level.  Not meeting the definition of FRIEND in your human life, still they waft through and deposit an invisible gift of energy – truth – awareness – question . . . into your lap.

Now, because you don’t see them as YOUR FRIEND or AS BEING SPECIAL, the way you do your “true” friends, as you think of them . . . you might just miss the gift.  You may fail to recognize the deeper, more soulful purpose for that interaction.  And this can be especially true of those who seem difficult or not what we want in our life.  Oh, but they come bearing gifts, don’t you know!  Gifts our soul and essence has actually SUMMONED and CALLED FORTH from the universe – our human feelings and judgments aside.

I find that if we can see the whole realm before us as . . . some soulful friend, taking on a special form that we may not quite vibrate to or behold as “our kind” . . . we begin to see the most beautiful, touching – and dare I say –  POWERFUL gifts in their wake.  And that is a beautiful thing.  But here’s the reason I mention this today.  When we are not gazing at the interactions and connections and relationships around us with a heightened awareness – when we hold a narrow definition of what a friend is – it can be easy to allow the gift they bring (and the gift we also may have been holding for them) to pass by in exchange





And it is that – the APPRECIATION for the moment – which is our greatest loss.  Because an event or moment that we didn’t treasure at its soul level, that we did not embrace and knowingly look to see what hidden blessings it might be bestowing . . . gives us its gifts, no doubt.  But we are clueless of what happened.  And so we don’t hold in our hearts the deeper knowing, the greater wisdom and the true appreciation of its purpose.

But, if we DO . . . if we choose to see each moment and connection, however it unfolds, as holding some deep and soulful purpose and gift –  a gift of love, in truth – for us, from a soul essence that carried a blessing within it just for us from the universe at large . . . then I promise you, and I tell you, our gaze and our awareness of what is happening – ACTUALLY DOES TRANSFORM THAT MOMENT.

It may feel no different to them – the moment may unfold exactly as it would have, even if it carried disappointment or displeasure or anything we wish it had not . . . but, inside ourselves, we hold it, experience it, and bless it.  And because we see that  IT IS A GIFT, in an unusual or unexpected form – I give you that : – )! – we ourselves are transformed.  IT IS US WHO CHANGE.  And we feel only love and peace, acceptance and understanding, inside ourselves.


Within each of us.


That INNER  KNOWING asks us to understand what A TRUE FRIEND really is.  It’s not always the one we like the most, the one most similar to us, or even the one who would do anything for us.  It’s actually the one who appears.  The one who is in that moment before us.  The soul or essence of a Being defines a friend as a spark of light.  And A TRUE FRIEND is this – a spark of light that comes, no matter what, to spark your own light in a certain way for a soulful purpose.

In that definition – we are all – likely – THE TRUEST OF FRIENDS.  And if we see the world that way, the natural rhythm and the natural breath of a friendship is not a bad thing.  It’s a beautiful thing.  It’s an amazing thing.  It is, to me, A DANCE OF LIGHT.  All relationships are, in truth – at least in my world!  And how extraordinary a thing is that?!  In my heart, all my friends are eternal.  And all are my friends.  It hasn’t always been this way.  It’s been a very powerful expansion of wisdom.  But I can tell you this – SEEING THE WORLD IN THIS WAY will change everything.  But more important – LIVING THIS WAY frees your heart to ever truly SOAR.

And that’s what true friends do. 

We give each other the gift . . .



And in my experience that can take every form imaginable.  Glowing and tender, beautiful and expansive, powerful and courage-building.  It’s all still . . .


The gift of A TRUE FRIEND.