A Mind Of Its Own

Believe it or not, I have an inspiration for you that came from a common expression about Hair.  Strange, I know.  But it is a truth of my being, and my path – and I suspect of life itself – THAT INSPIRATION LOOMS in the most unlikely of spaces sometimes.  I know it can, for it does – more often than not – find me in just that uncommon of a place.

That happened today, in fact.  I was fixing some tea – and I heard, out of the blue, having nothing to do with anything going on at that moment – “IT HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN”.   I immediately thought of how we say that very thing, quite often, about a lot of things – even our hair – or someone else’s, if we’re being a wee bit naughty!  So why on earth would such an innocuous saying be something I would choose to USE to illuminate something as sacred and potent as . . . LIGHT.  And, even more confoundingly so – SACRED LIGHT.

There’s a method to my madness.  My wicked ways :- ) are  not without purpose.

Part of why I chose this saying is – in truth – because IT CHOSE ME.  The thought came out of the blue and shimmered.  I felt and picked up the glimmer of a deeper wisdom there, below the surface, just waiting in the wings to reveal itself.  I gave it my attention – and this is what came.  PERFECT WISDOM.  BEAUTIFUL ILLUMINATION.  All from the simplest and most ordinary of phrases.



SPIRIT is like that.  LIGHT and LOVE are like that.  They make magic out of the invisible – and they create A GIFT seemingly out of thin air, from what appeared to be nothing of worth or value or meaning.  Yes, LIGHT is an amazing presence.  I cultivate it.  Not so I can be a spiritual person.  Which may sound strange coming from someone who is so ALL ABOUT THE SPIRIT OF LIFE .  . . its LIGHT.  Rather, I cultivate it because the gifts it  brings are amazing and defy your mind.  I embrace it because its presence transforms everything into infinite possibilities.  And I adopt it as my  own truth for one simple reason:  IT IS.  I just didn’t know it before. Or, more likely, simply FORGOT it was my truth and deepest inner knowing.

Perhaps you feel the same way.  Or perhaps you are just beginning the journey of defining who you truly are IN A MORE TRUE WAY.  Whatever the path,, wherever you are . . . the WISDOMS OF LIGHT are potent, transformational, and like alchemy in a bottle.  The kind you didn’t know you were ready for, lol!

So returning to my very ordinary phrase,


Have to do with . . . LIGHT?

Actually – surprisingly – it turns out . . . EVERYTHING!

You see, when we say that about our hair, we mean it can’t be controlled.  IT isn’t doing what WE want, what WE deem to be best, and it is not behaving in a fashion that we see as beautiful or alluring.  And YET . . . you see. . . actually, that has far more to do with US – than with our HAIR.  Yes, it’s true – it does.  HOW?   Because when we declare, in frustration or anxiety, that IT HAS A MIND OF ITS OWNwe have just spoken a deep wisdom – and a potent, powerful truth – of LIGHT.

Every part of life – including your hair – has a mind of its own.  A CENTRAL ESSENCE which dictates an inner knowing and wisdom about its own existence – its own being.  We so often as humans believe WE are the wisest – and sometimes we think we are THE ONLY ONES who can think/know/perceive – and certainly usually the only ones who hold wisdom.  We live this truth in every aspect of our lives as humans.  We do not think in terms of our infant holding a powerful wisdom all its own – truths and knowings and understandings that defy ours.  We do not think of our dog or our cat as being in the position to know what is best for them or what they should eat or how to heal or if they need help.  And we do not often think we ourselves hold that power, except in the framework of the mind.


The problem with that paradigm is simply this:  the mind is the ROOT of all fear.  The choices and decisions you make – not to mention the beliefs you hold – that arise from and are governed primarily by  YOUR MIND . . . are somewhere, somehow, in some way going to be rooted in A FEAR.  If you look long enough and deep enough – you’ll find that to be true.  Your mind believes in good and bad, right and wrong, and every facet of duality.  Your BRAIN is predicated on its design which – unless directed by your truer intellectual capacity which resides within your heart – functions like a computer, endlessly analyzing pros and cons and values and worthiness of everything.  And your mind will usually always choose from a space which holds the strongest energy for you – and for most people, to a fault, the primary operating energy of their mind is some form of FEAR.

Now, I realize we do not think of ourselves as FEARFUL beings quite to that degree.  Yet, if you look – and I mean to PEER DEEPLY – with eyes wide open – into who you are and what you do . . . you might  just be amazed.  If you take a DEEP LONG LOOK AT YOURSELF as someone screamed at me to do one time :- ) and did not mean that in a nice way, I assure you  . . . but if you, as I did, took the situation and DID LOOK DEEPLY AT MYSELF – I found something surprising.  I LIKE MYSELF.  A LOT.   AND I AM AT PEACE IN EVERY THOUGHT I HOLD and ACTION I TAKE.  Even the ones everyone else deems to be quite wicked – or wrong.

Do you know why? 

Because I took a journey one time. 

And I learned quite a lot.  I experienced even more.

And that journey changed me forever more.


What did I see?  Where did I go?  What could possibly have held such power as to literally and truly transform me from a person with a lot of fears and seemingly very little inner power – to someone who now gives not a flying wisp if someone else thinks I am nice, thinks I am right, thinks I am mean, thinks I am crazy.  There are those who probably do. It doesn’t bother me in the least now.  Do you know why?  Two reasons.  First, they don’t really know me.  Given the opportunity, people who want to judge you without knowing you . . . always say no to the opportunity to ACTUALLY GET TO TRULY KNOW YOU.  There’s a reason for that.  They don’t want to get to know themselves.  TO SEE WHAT THEY ARE TRYING SO HARD NOT TO SEE.  The thing you most likely are reflecting or mirroring to them, for them, in a powerful way.

But the second reason is the more enchanting.  It’s because I KNOW that they DO NOT KNOW what I know.  IF they did, they’d be responding differently.  And you can only get so upset with someone who is just simply not able – or willing – to open their mind and their heart to expand their own selves.  That is a choice we all  make.  And it is ever important to RESPECT those choices in others.  I have learned that :- ).  I have.  So I do not judge myself by those around me.  EVER.  I can’t.  It does not work in any helpful fashion.  Do you know why?

BECAUSE THEY HAVE NOT GONE THROUGH THE TRANSFORMATION THAT I HAVE.  They still live their lives believing much of what they are doing is LOVE.  But the journey I took illuminated for me something truly powerful.  Transformative.   A bit mind-bending . . . and a little heart-breaking.  It wasn’t truly heart-breaking.  But it could have been.  Maybe just for a minute.  When I realized how much of what I had been doing and living – and thinking IT WAS LOVE – was truly . . . a very weak imposter.  FEAR masquerades as LOVE in our world, our relationships and our inner landscape all the time.

But FEAR cannot exist where there is TRULY LOVE.

So you can’t have both.  You can only have one – or the other.

When we go through the transformation that opens our eyes and our minds to the wisdom which lives deep in our heart – about what LOVE truly is – about who WE truly are – about how life on earth ACTUALLY works . . . well.  That changes everything.  It’s as if you were playing a board game – say CANDY LAND – and suddenly . . . the board changes and it is now MONOPOLY!  The landscape is quite different – even though you are sitting right where you were before.  And the moves you make with your pieces – YOUR ACTIONS IN THAT WORLD – produce wholly different results.  More importantly, though . . . you realize this:  THE WORLD YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE LIVING IN . . . is hardly what you believed it to be.


Now, that can be frightening – or inspiring.  And you get to choose.  When revealings of this force, illuminations this profound, come and stand right before you  –  and you cannot blink or turn away – YOU CHOOSE which they will be.  FOR YOU.  And that dictates what comes next.

The wisdom of the oft-heard quote above is this:  ALL OF LIFE HOLDS AN INNER, SACRED, and SOVEREIGN WISDOM.  About who it is and what is best for it.  And SPIRIT – LIGHT – OUR ESSENCE . . . is the seat of that knowing.  When we shift our life approach from operating primarily from the MIND – to our inner SACRED ESSENCE – love comes forth and blossoms in not just awe-inspiring ways.  But with a power that can really take us by surprise.   Do you know why?

BECAUSE LOVE – TRUE LOVE – is fearless.  Can you imagine that?  Being fearless – without fear – in every aspect and moment of your life.  Feeling a lump in your breast and . . . NOT being afraid.  Getting a call from the police that your beloved just died . . . and not being afraid.  Being sick and close to death and nothing seems to help . . . and not being afraid.  Following your heart and your soul or essence in its every whisper – without knowing why or how or what it is truly about or why it is important sometimes – and not being afraid.  Living the full truths of your being without any thought to what those around you will think, do  or say – when you do . . . .and not being afraid?

Can you imagine being a mother and NOT being afraid.  NOT holding fear.  NOT parenting from that space.  You see, most of what we do as we think we are teaching our children to grow up . . . is not what we think.  We aren’t giving them the blessed wisdom our ESSENCE holds.  We’re teaching them our values THROUGH FEAR.

And – fear – is never love.


If you think about that – and you ponder that – you will come to see as I did something compelling – nearly every action most humans take in their lives . . . are fear based.  Even the ones we think are good.  Working out, eating healthy, crafting our outer body and physical selves to look nice/young/firm/healthy. . . the list is infinite.  Yet, I promise you – if you look into those things deeply enough . . . you will find a surprise sitting there underneath all the reasons YOU SAY and YOU THINK you are doing those things.  It’s not wrong to do them.  It’s just that . . . when we realize THE REAL REASON WE ARE DOING THEM . . . it changes everything.

I know.  I used to be a workout queen.  I wouldn’t do it now if my life depended on it.  I’ve learned to live the truths of light.  They are unlike anything we’ve been taught.  But the paradigm HAS ALREADY CHANGED now here on earth. Physical matter is not responding in the same way as it used to, because it is vibrating higher.  And that is a law of physics that your mind itself does understand.  Change the vibration – you change the form.

But what really matters is not whether you are working out or  not – or how you are parenting.  What really matters is WHY?  And when you find out that most of what you thought was health is not; most of what you thought was love is not; most of what you thought was being a good person is not . . . well, life takes on a very beautiful hue.  Because only then can you really begin to contemplate –






And that . . . is our soul’s domain.  For you see . . . our ESSENCE has a mind of its own.  If we will listen to it, empower it, accept it – and cultivate its knowings – we would quite literally create NIRVANA on earth tomorrow.  WE all are holding that power, right here, now, today – even as we wring our hands and shake our heads at  the state of the world.  Yet we ARE the ones who will have to change – if we want a better or more true or more beautiful world – for ourselves, for our children, and for all of life.  And how do we do that?

BY EMBRACING . . . the wisdom of LIGHT . . . our Essence and Soul’s truest knowing.  Of us.  Of Life.  Of love.  Only then are we truly . . . being who we truly are and came to be.  And only then is our life going to really reflect our greatest gifts.  AND THAT MOMENT IS HERE NOW.


Who shall we be?

LOVE  *  or FEAR.

OUR ESSENCE holds the key.  GO WITHIN.  ALWAYS.  And let that journey of LEARNING TO LIVE AS LIGHT – AS OUR ESSENCE – transform you.  You will be glad that you did.  For the status quo is dissolving.  This is our time to create a new world.  AND WE ARE ALL – RIGHT NOW – CHOOSING.

Powerful times these.  Yes.  ALL OF LIFE HAS A MIND OF ITS OWN.  How are you using yours:  your deepest and truest WISDOMS that live inside you?  Are you discovering them?  Exploring their meanings?  Embodying them?????

If so, this site is designed to lead you exactly to where your ESSENCE SHINES ITS MOST POWERFUL LIGHT into, and through you, in transformative ways.

And if not,

I can only ask . ..  WHY NOT? 

We’re all waiting . . . the world itself is waiting . . . for you! :- )